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Feodosiya – given by the God [14 Apr 2011|06:48pm]

 Feodosiya attracts to the summer vacation more and more tourists each year. Sparkling sea, clean air and pleasant climate beckon them here. Service in Feodosiya is affordable, a wide range of hotels and vacation rentals for every taste. Feodosiya will surround you with romantic atmosphere of cruises to the warm, shining from the sun's glare sea. Numerous cafes, clubs and unusual attractions will be to the lovers of fun-filled holiday. Beach vacation in Feodosiya is a repudiation of the routine of everyday life, fun entertainment, the opportunity to visit fascinating excursions and have a great time for the whole family!

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Fans will get another chance to buy tickets for Euro 2012 [09 Apr 2011|01:33pm]

 Hi all! There is a good news for socker fans who could not buy a ticket for Euro 2012 in Poland and Ukraine. Fans who were unable to book tickets for the European Championship matches, which will be held in Ukraine and Poland in 2012, will receive an extra chance to get their quota of their national associations. Another chance to get tickets are numerous actions of the official sponsors of UEFA, which will start massively in the coming months.
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Is the Xtreme Sport Instructor Career Right For You? [20 Mar 2011|11:00pm]

 Hi there!
I have an excellent way for all Extreme Sport instructors to promote themselves: a special site called It is the first website designed to connect tourists with local guides and instructors. While the site is in its promotional stage, registration is free. As a member, you can reach a worldwide audience!

Our site provides prospective travelers access to information on a wide range of the best attractions in the United States, the Caribbean, and Great Britain. We are expanding our scope, toward becoming a global resource for tourists, tourist guides and sports instructors.

As a registered guide, you get to build a personal page, to organize all the information and photos for the places you are guiding. This page includes a personal mailbox for immediate client feedback.

Membership will promote your name in three ways:

1) Your page will appear in search engine results, without the cost of a personal website.
2) Your information will be available to tourists through an easy and elegant interface.
3) You can build pages for all of the attractions you are guiding, with detailed descriptions.

We look forward to bringing the best adventures to one place!
It is so easy to begin:

How does it work?
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A great place for skiing! Bukovel! [28 Dec 2010|01:01am]

Hi all!
Let me tell you about  Bukovel. It is a place which  ideally combines excellent facilities for sport and fun hanging out with the peace and quiet.Those who have ever visited mountains of Bukovel, in this corner of the fabulous snow in the winter, which wandered through the first spring thawed, who breathed with this crystal clear air, return Bukovel again and again. Recreation in Bukovel is great at any season, but first of all, Bukovel is the ski resort, so the best time to come to Bukovel is winter. Read more about Bukovel and other Ukrainian resorts on ukraine-vacation-guide.com
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The Used twitter listening party & blood on my hands video! [28 Aug 2009|04:30pm]
You guys have to check this out. The Used is doing the first ever twitter listening party! They're the first band to do it! more details at http://twitter.theused.net/

also Check out Blood On My Hands on their myspace! http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual&videoid=61130701

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the used new album [28 Aug 2009|02:34pm]
im so psyched for the used's new album "artwork". Here's the video to their single "blood on my hands"


this monday they're having a listening party on twitter. check it out!

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best tackles ever [22 Jul 2009|05:16pm]

omg, someone emailed me this youtube video this morning. i thought y'all would get a kick out of it!!

best rugby tackles

this put me in the mood to take some people DOWNNNNNNNNN!
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Ed Templeton featured on ESPN [12 Jun 2009|03:18pm]
Anybody else see the feature on ESPN's website about Ed Templeton? It's a super rad piece that delves into a lot of his personal background and how he got where he is...I knew a lot about all the stuff he's been involved with since being on the skate and art scene, but never knew about his childhood or any of that...if you've got 5 minutes, definitely worth checking out this video: it's posted here.

Ed is such a talented artist/photographer/skater/businessman, etc that if he wasn't such a great, deserving person, I would be super envious...but his success couldn't have happened to a better guy.

They never do enough action sports features on ESPN, so glad to see such a deserving guy like Ed be featured. I also love the songs they chose, Minus the Bear’s “When We When We Escape” and Castaneda’s “You Can Do It” - I wonder if Ed picked them himself…they definitely fit perfectly. I wouldn’t be surprised if Ed started another career in music soon…I mean seriously, he’s good at everything else he tries.

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Trouble Andrew, anyone? [11 Jun 2009|06:22pm]

anybody else on here into skater/snowboarder/musician Trouble Andrew? i've recently got into his music and i can't stop listening. he's currently on tour with Santigold. i got a chance to see the live show a few nights ago and he blew me away, he definately knows how to get a crowd going! if you havent heard him yet, listen to him on myspace (click here!),or check out the video below:

also if you can, try to catch him live on tour. click here for the tour dates! and follow him on twitter!
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Jumping Stilts [23 Apr 2009|10:48am]

Has anyone used jumping stilts yet? They seem pretty cool and have really caught on in Europe. I wonder if they'll catch on at all over here? Jumping Stilts Blog
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Hey Xtreme Fans, Stay Motivated! Lap Counting Made Simple [22 Apr 2009|02:05pm]

Hi guys! We know endurance training is important to you, so we wanted to let you know about the SportCount series of one-button, finger-mounted lap counters and timers. Great for running, swimming, triathlon and extreme sports training and more. Relieve the frustration of losing speed and form due to inconveniently placed watches. End the annoyance of chanting a number along with each lap. Check it out:

Above: The SportCount Chrono 100 advanced timer.

The timers are small, comfortable, water resistant to 50 meters, convenient and moderately-priced. We've been in business for 20 years, and are dedicated to suiting the needs of Olympians and casual athletes alike. Check out our Web site to learn more or visit our blog here on LiveJournal for more reviews and to leave a comment!

ModelsCollapse )

(If the moderators of this community find this post inappropriate, please notify us and we'll take it down. We mean to be helpful, not to spam. :) )
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murs hat... [17 Apr 2009|12:08pm]
hey everyone,

check out this rad MURS hat i just got:

avaliable here: http://www.mursmusic.com/shop
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awesome skate decks... [03 Apr 2009|12:45pm]

hey everyone,

check out these awesome decks I just got!

the used/chadam skate deck:



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trouble andrew album out yesterday! [11 Feb 2009|03:13pm]

so yesterday i bought the Trouble Andrew album, and it definitely worth it. i cannot stop listening, for real. you can get it on iTunes . if you don't believe me about him being awesome, definitely check out this remix that Innerpartysystem did of his track "Chase Money." 
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Just wanted to share a super snow forecasting site... [10 Feb 2009|10:33pm]

Sorry to be a spammer but my friend just finished making a snow forecasting site for Europe and the US and I wanted to share it because it's crazy useful. It's really easy to use, you just type in a resort and it'll give you the forecast for the next week and you can compare it to all the resorts nearby.
I hope this is allowed...
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[02 Feb 2009|10:44am]

Hi. I'm working on a new website devoted to what people can make possible and was wondering if any of you guys would be interested in helping me pre-seed the site with content. Any cool xtreme tips you want to show the world?

Here's what I need from you?
• Be 18-24 years old
• Tell me what your unique skills you want to share with the world
• Email them to possible at thaddus dot com
• Expect to hear back from me within the next 24 hours. I will choose which ones I want you to write up and pay you $25.

Feel free to repost, forward to friends.

Thank you.
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party at the burton store with trevor andrew playing [30 Jan 2009|03:17pm]

this is gonna be awesome... anyone else going?: http://tinyurl.com/bkvxjj 
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Trevor Trouble Andrew's music [19 Jan 2009|06:54pm]

Has anyone here heard snowboarder Trevor "Trouble" Andrew's music before? I gotta admit that i'm really feeling it.

you can download a song of his for free on his website and hear more on his myspace. i've been following him on twitter too, nice.

post your thoughts!

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FANdemonium - P Rod FANS in Los Angeles!!! [13 Nov 2008|01:52pm]

Would you like a private skateboarding lesson from


Here’s your chance!


On Nov. 18th, SiTV is looking for Paul Rodriguez’s biggest Latino fans to appear on their new show "FANdemonium."

The fans will be given the chance to compete for a one-on-one lesson from the legend himself.


To be considered for the show, please make a submission to FanCasting@gmail.com.


In the subject line of the e-mail, write “Paul Rodriguez Fan

Make sure to include your name, age, location, a recent photo, contact information (phone number), your top reasons why you LOVE Paul Rodriguez/Skating Competitions and why you’d be great for the show!!!

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Extreme Sports [05 Sep 2020|10:13pm]

Hi! We're conducting a survey regarding the feasibility of putting up an agency that will bring extreme spots enthusiasts to hot spots all over the Philippines. Please help us by answering this very short survey. Thank you!

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