displacedbrett (displacedbrett) wrote in xtreme_sports,

Ed Templeton featured on ESPN

Anybody else see the feature on ESPN's website about Ed Templeton? It's a super rad piece that delves into a lot of his personal background and how he got where he is...I knew a lot about all the stuff he's been involved with since being on the skate and art scene, but never knew about his childhood or any of that...if you've got 5 minutes, definitely worth checking out this video: it's posted here.

Ed is such a talented artist/photographer/skater/businessman, etc that if he wasn't such a great, deserving person, I would be super envious...but his success couldn't have happened to a better guy.

They never do enough action sports features on ESPN, so glad to see such a deserving guy like Ed be featured. I also love the songs they chose, Minus the Bear’s “When We When We Escape” and Castaneda’s “You Can Do It” - I wonder if Ed picked them himself…they definitely fit perfectly. I wouldn’t be surprised if Ed started another career in music soon…I mean seriously, he’s good at everything else he tries.

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