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Xtreme sports..

for the xtreme kinda person.

Appreciation of Xtreme Sports.
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This is a community for the extreme sports enthusists. Doesn't mean you gotta participate in any either. Meet here, discuss new tricks, snow reports, wave reports, whats on tv, and upcoming competions/news.


Of course every community needs rules. Here are just some little guidelines. I won't kill you or anything, just be aware please, so you don't piss anyone off.

1. If you have an event/sport spoiler please hide it behind an lj-cut tag. If you don't know how to do that check out Lj's FAQ on Tags section that should clarify a basic how-to runthrough.

2. Any pics/photos also place behind an Lj Cut tag. Check the above link for information on how to utilize that. However, if it is a pic with dimensions of or smaller than 300x300 your free to post without the lj-cut. It's basically to save from space and friends pages being all weirded out and stuff.

3. The ever so popular bashing. Don't make me ban you and get the Abuse squad-O on you. Don't harass others. We're not in kindergarden (at least I hope not) I expect you guys to be able to carry on adult like conversation, and if the occasion rises for your blood to boil, take it away from here. Harass in your personal Lj or hell, harass the person through e-mail. But don't harass anyone on this community it causes middle school drama. Got it? Good.

4.One liner updates are not acceptable. No one likes them, they are usually vague and annoying. So I am setting a minimum post requirement of at least 2 sentances, that provide enough information so that others can read it and not have to decode. Make it blatant.

:and lastly:

5. Don't bash any equipment that someone may use. For instance, you don't like O'neil because they wouldn't sponser you. So don't go around and post on every dude that likes o'neil saying that you hate it. Im hoping we can share information on certain equipment, reccomendations, and experiances that you have personally had with a certain peice.

Abide by these and whoooo doogie we got ourselves a community. A civil one at least.

This community is run/modded or whatever by fempas got any community related Q's just contact me and i'll get back to you within a day or so. or you can contact me through AOl/AIm at: Cheeky Tendency I dont bite.

Thanks and enjoy!